“If you have a will, you should have a Parentfile. And if you don’t have a will, you should have a Parentfile even more so!”

Andrew Goldman

Start your Parentfile today and have one place to save:

“A great and well needed product to save items digitally that are often lost in the chaos of life…”

Nitesh Patel

“You may not have millions to give your kids…That’s okay, a Parentfile is priceless.”

Grace O’Brien

Family ancestry, history, traditions, recipes

Birth certificates, social security cards, key documents

Family medical history your kids may need someday 

Best family memories, stories, pictures 

Financial, legal, accounting contacts just-in-case

Your life story, life lessons, and more they’ll want someday 

In-case-of-emergency info all in one spot for each family member in case ever needed

One place to save everything important your kids will need (and want) someday. 

Starting a Parentfile = Peace of Mind + My Legacy Cemented

Tomorrow’s Uncertain - Start Your Legacy Today

Why Starting a Parentfile is the "Best Investment Ever"

Being a parent is so hard, but it’s the most important “job” we’ll ever have, and it never ends even as they get older. We’re expected to do so much, remember so much, and always be there for our family. This is why we started Parentfile…

To give us a little better peace of mind, make things a little easier and more organized, and be prepared heaven forbid something happens to us. And with a Parentfile, it makes it so much easier and actually fun to save things for our children to have someday.

Start your Parentfile today, you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did…and so will the rest of your family.

Tomorrow’s Uncertain - Start Your Legacy Today

Tomorrow is not guaranteed…

Start your legacy today. 

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