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Everything you’ll need to help your parents as they get into their 70s, 80s and 90s.

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ParentFile Praise

“My parents deserve all the help I can offer. With ParentFile, I gain the knowledge and resources to approach that help with confidence.” 

Rob Case

“ParentFile is hands-down the most effective way to be there for your parents! You will sleep better at night, your parent knows you care, and they are still part of your life.” 

Scott Young

“There is no way to escape the grief and pain of losing a parent, however, Parentfile helped me escape the difficulty and uncertainty of what to do.”

Stephen Smith

“A simple, helpful approach that allows my siblings and I to manage the care of our parents.” 

Alison Andrew

“ParentFile is the premier go-to resource for my siblings and me to help my aging parents stay engaged and connect with each of us even though we’re miles away.  So glad I found it!” 

James Thompson

“For anyone who has a parent over the age of 70 this is a must. Think of a centralized hub of critical information for your loved one(s). That’s ParentFile.” 

Anthony Cardenas

"ParentFile helps provide peace of mind for you and your parents.”

Randy Miller

“Having Parentfile would have saved my family a lot of valuable time, money and frustration – I can’t stress enough how important this is to do NOW (before something happens!).” 

David Vallone

“Part coordinated life planner, part aging concierge, part quality-of-life whisperer – it’s about time someone created a service like this.  Time to think creatively about aging!”

Sarah Sturtevant

“WonderDads is a solid idea generator for any Dad who struggles connecting transferable concepts with a memorable activity.”

Erik Chandler
Dad to Elijah (Age 13) and Jude (Age 9)

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Everyone’s parents are going to need help at some point…we’ve got a solution.

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