Someday you (and your kids!) will be so glad you started a Parentfile...

Being a parent is the busiest and most important job we’ll ever have. But with trying to balance everything in our lives, parents forget or lose 71% of the “treasures” from the childhood years. Parentfile makes it so much fun to save these and give them to your child someday in the future…you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did.

There are so many reasons starting a Parentfile is the most valuable thing you could ever do for your children and something they'll be forever grateful for someday...priceless.

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Preserve What Makes Your Family Special

Save everything digital and meaningful you want your children to have someday in one safe and secure place…your Parentfile.

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1. It only takes 2 minutes to set up
2. It’s so fun to see the number of things saved add up
3. You’ll uncover fun family treasures to add to your Parentfile
4. It doesn’t involve lawyers
5. You can make updates whenever you want
6. You’ll look forward to sharing things with your children at specific ages
7. It may even become your most valuable (and certainly most meaningful) asset

Why You Should Start Your Parentfile Today

“The secret weapon for our generation of Moms & Dads.”

- Louis Fanzini

“You may not have millions to give your kids, that’s okay, a Parentfile is priceless.”

- ShreeRam Ranganathan

"I sleep better at night having a Parentfile.”

- Gary Kiang  

Finally, Something Created for Today’s Generation of Parents

Start My Parentfile in 2-Minutes!Schedule a Call to Start My ParentfileView Demo

“Parentfile is the digital embodiment of passing on the family legacy.”

- Dean Stancevski

“Parentfile is a safe and convenient way to store your important information.”

- Greg Oliphant

"Parentfile is a new way for parents to show love for their children.”

- David Sawicki

“Don’t rely on memory and paper to store your most previous treasures and memories. Digitize them and store them for your children…”

- Pam Jackson

“Everything, everywhere, all in one place.”

- Joyce Hunter, CIO, USDA

“The repository for important family information, emergency data, and precious memories!”

- Dr. Rebecca Rosas

Start My Parentfile in 2-Minutes!Schedule a Call to Start My ParentfileView Demo

Do you have a will?

Why is this better?

Family Medical Information

How could it save a life?

Other things you’ll be so glad you saved:

Key Contacts, Important Documents, List of Assets, Family Heirlooms, Birth Certificates & Identification Records, Best Family Photos, Family Stories & Traditions, Personal Information, Medical History, Milestone Surprises + So Many More!

So Simple to Start, Forever Meaningful

Start My Parentfile in 2-Minutes!Schedule a Call to Start My ParentfileView Demo

The Inevitable Emergency Room Visit

Before: Dad doesn’t remember our son’s blood type during the chaos of an emergency.

After: Dad opens our shared Parentfile on his phone while in the ER and shares his blood type. Priceless!

What’s the Password/Doctor Name/Insert Same Question Asked 10x Here

Before: I get asked the same questions over and over.

After: My spouse/partner/co-parent knows to look in our Parentfile and doesn’t bug me!

Broken Bones and Injuries

Before: I don’t remember the details of what the doctor said.

After: If it hurts again, tomorrow or in 10 years, I have notes in my Parentfile. Phew!

Official Documents on Demand

Before: From vaccination cards to birth certificates, I can never find them when I need them.

After: Digitized, saved, and at-the-ready in my Parentfile. Not even a chance of them getting lost now!

All Those Things That Should Really be Thrown Away

Before: Report cards, art projects and more get put in drawers or saved in the garage.

After: Took a picture and saved them in my Parentfile. Now I can throw them away!

Our Favorite Family Recipes & Traditions

Before: Mom's spaghetti recipe and our family traditions get lost over time.

After: Details and notes saved in my Parentfile for my kids to have someday. So meaningful!

Welcome to Life Before and After Having a Parentfile

I Have Just a Will 

Before: In my will are all the things with a price and that you can put a value on.

 By also having a Parentfile, I have covered all the other things that truly matter, that mean just as much (if not more) to me than what’s in the will..and are often what’s truly priceless.

I Don’t Have a Will

Before: Heaven forbid something happens to me unexpectedly, my family won’t know where to find things and my children won’t have what I saved for them in my Parentfile.

 In only 2-minutes I can set up a Parentfile and give everyone peace of mind, and ensure both myself and my family have a legacy.

Our Family Traditions

Before: Every generation we forget more and more of the unique things that make our family special.

 We now have a record of all our family recipes, traditions and the new ones created by the next generation.

Sibling Rivalries 

Before: As our children get older, we try and figure out how to share things equally.

 I set up individual Milestone Surprises in my Parentfile to give one of them a family necklace when she graduates, the other a piece of art in our house she has always loved when she turns 30, and a trip to Italy for the whole family when I turn 50!

My Life Story

Before: My children, their children, and generations to come know less and less about me, my values and my life.

 I can save my life story, my own life lessons that I consider the most valuable, and any words of wisdom I want to share for generations to come…my true legacy.

As My Children Get Older

Before: We end up talking about what’s new in their life and I don’t have much to share on my end.

 I have fun things to share that I thought of and added to my Parentfile about our family, memories from the childhood years, milestone surprises for the future, and so much more.

Start My Parentfile in 2-Minutes!Schedule a Call to Start My ParentfileView Demo

Welcome to your new most meaningful asset…your Parentfile.

Should I have a will? Should I have life insurance? These are questions parents wonder about, but they are quite costly, inconvenient to set up, and frankly rather depressing to think about.

We live in a digital world now, where so much of what’s valuable and meaningful are actually in a digital format. Which is why we created Parentfile, an incredibly simple, time effective and meaningful way to save things over the years for your children.

On top of this, in your Parentfile you can establish Milestone Surprises, where you share things with your children at specific life stages as everyone gets older. An incredibly fun way to open the lines of communication with them as they get older.

It only takes 2 minutes to set up, start yours today, you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did (and so will your children!).

Start My Parentfile in 2-Minutes!Schedule a Call to Start My ParentfileView Demo

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