Someday you (and your kids!) will be so glad you started a Parentfile...

Being a parent is the busiest and most important job we’ll ever have. But with trying to balance everything in our lives, parents forget or lose 71% of the “treasures” from the childhood years. Parentfile makes it so much fun to save these and give them to your child someday in the future…you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did.

There are so many reasons starting a Parentfile is the most valuable thing you could ever do for your children and something they'll be forever grateful for someday...priceless.

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Parentfile is the first-ever platform for parents (USPTO Registered Trademark 6,152,032). Built by parents for parents, it provides you with one safe and secure online account to save everything important as a parent.

With recommendations on what to save and why it’s so helpful at every stage of being a parent, there are 100s of ways that having a Parentfile helps you remember anything and be prepared for anything…whether it’s tomorrow, next month or even 20 years from now.

It’s about time there was something that helped parents go above and beyond at the most important job we’ll ever have…being a parent. See why so many of today’s generation of parents are starting a Parentfile…start yours today in only 2 minutes.

Simple to set up. Instantly essential. Forever meaningful.

Are your family treasures worth

With a Parentfile, you’ll have one place to save what’s important, digital and meaningful for your children to have someday.

Save family ancestry, traditions, recipes, fun facts

Capture family memories, stories, milestones 

Remember medical notes, so helpful years from now

Save important family documents, records, contacts 

See Why So Many Parents Are Starting a Parentfile

Are your family treasures worth

With a Parentfile, you’ll have one place to save what’s important, digital and meaningful for your children to have someday.

Digitize family heirlooms and meaningful mementos 

How it Works


Start your Parentfile today in only 2 minutes, then decide if you want to enter things on your own or schedule a call and we’ll help you enter things at no additional cost. 


Every time you add something to your Parentfile, you’re asked to estimate the value of preserving that item.


See how fun it is to watch the value of your Parentfile go up over time…it may even become your most valuable and meaningful asset.


Your Parentfile is encrypted with leading SSL security and double-backup redundancy, keeping it safe and secure.

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“You may not have millions to give your kids, that’s okay, a Parentfile is priceless.”

- ShreeRam Ranganathan

"I sleep better at night having a Parentfile.”

- Gary Kiang

“Parentfile is a safe and convenient way to store your important information.”

- Greg Oliphant

“Parentfile is the digital embodiment of passing on the family legacy.”

- Dean Stancevski

“The secret weapon for our generation of Moms & Dads.”

- Louis Fanzini

"Parentfile is a new way for parents to show love for their children.”

- David Sawicki

“The secret weapon for our generation of our Moms!”

-  Alicia Fields

“In the age of data and digitization, capturing our roots is key.”

- Mido Chishty

“Don’t rely on memory and paper to store your most previous treasures and memories. Digitize them and store them for your children…”

- Pam Jackson

“Everything, everywhere, all in one place.”

-  Joyce Hunter, CIO, USDA

“The repository for important family information, emergency data, and precious memories!”

- Dr. Rebecca Rosas

“Organizes and saves family critical documentation in a secure way."

- Joy Ross

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You decide when your children get access - a certain age, life stage or date in the future…and it’s so fun to look forward to sharing with them.



USPTO Registered Trademark 6,152,032 for the First-Ever Platform for Parents

Worldwide Headquarters, California, USA

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